5 Great Apps to use in Bangkok

Whether we like it or not, online apps have firmed wedged their way into our lives and smartphones. With hundreds of useful and often free services available, if you aren’t uses these apps for games, entertainment, reading or health, you’re probably using them to chat, send pictures and stay connected with friends and colleagues.

Here are some of my top recommended apps that will make every Bangkokians life a little better – and hopefully much easier. From online shopping, booking taxis, learning Thai, and discovering new events and hot locations within the city – these apps are the worth their storage space:


Great deals on everything from tour packages and hotel rooms to cheap buffets and sweet spa deals. I’ve also discovered some great restaurants from this site, purchased manicures, drink specials, yoga classes and even signed up for a sushi-making course! Browsing and purchasing deals is made even easier through the app which can be downloaded here and a notable benefit is the Paperless Redemption feature which saves time and hassle printing out a paper coupon. Keep in mind that while most deals are genuine and great value, some can be a bit on the misleading side. My advice: Take a hint from the number of deals already bought and do a little research in advance, especially when it comes to the location of the seller.

Easy Taxi

You’ve finished your shopping trip and it’s time to head back home. Which do you choose: Flagging down a taxi in Siam Square or standing in lines at the BTS at rush hour getting shoved and stuffed in with the rest of sweaty Bangkok? It may sound extreme but these are the issues that a busy Bangkokian has to deal with on a daily basis. Apps like Uber and GrabTaxi, along with others, are all vying to fill this need for safe, reliable and affordable transport. Easy Taxi stands out from the rest with a it’s simple but clever design, and user-friendly interface, and slightly more affordable service than Uber. It’s available across IOS, Android, Windows Phones, and in 26 countries and languages. Easy Taxi users can book a taxi in advance, track it in real time and are guaranteed modern vehicles with registered drivers. Visit the link to see a quick (52 seconds) video on how it works.


If communicating with hand gestures and multiple repetitions isn’t your thing, this app will get you speaking like a local in no time. It makes my list because of the game factor, fun pictures and easy to learn layout. It’s a great little app for those long BTS rides or for breaking the ice with Thai friends. Nothing makes locals more happy than to see a foreigners attempting (and struggling) to learn their language. Another noteworthy app for more ambitious learners is Reading Thai. This app teaches you the Thai alphabet with the focus on correct pronunciation which makes it so great. A perfect starter app teach you the basic sounds and letters of the Thai language.

BK Now

One of the best one-stop guides to dining, partying, and overall awesome living in Bangkok. Are you looking for best new restaurant in town, weekend events, concerts, events, meetups, and discounts throughout the city? Then you have to give this app a try. You can also sign up for their weekly newsletters and read a free copy of BK Magazine online. Check out their website and get excited about everything the City of Angels has to offer.

Green Tourism

Here’s one that has a special place in my phone and on this list. There are many apps out there geared towards foreigner living and travelling in Thailand, however, this one offers a unique travel experience – green tourism. Created by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) for those who love to travel and explore new destinations but also wish to support local business and environmentally friendly establishments. This app gets top marks for its beautiful design, thoughtfully laid-out features, wealth of information so, and best of all – it’s completely free. Next time you plan your vacation, give this app a try and support the growing trend of sustainable and eco-friendly tourism.

There are a few notable apps that didn’t make this list for various reasons. Bangkok City Guide, Thailand Tourist Guide, and iTraffic to name a few. These are all good apps for their own purposes and worth a download if you’ve got extra memory space. The ones I mentioned here are simply the cream of the crop and the ones that really go the extra mile to provide top quality information and services. Hope it helps!

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