FAQ: Bjork Bangkok Attack Why?

Why did Bjork attack that person?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Icelandic pop singer Bjork attacked a news photographer in New Zealand, ripping his shirt in half after he ignored a request not to snap any shots, the New Zealand Herald reported on Monday. It echoes an outburst at Bangkok’s airport in 1996, when Bjork unleashed her fury on a journalist.

Did Bjork attack a journalist?

Nice Icelandic Avant-Garde Musician. “All I said was, ‘Welcome to Thailand,’ and she just hit me, lost control and went crazy,” cable reporter Julie Kaufman told Reuters after pop star Bjork attacked her in 1996 at a Thailand airport.

Why did Björk attack a woman?

The crazed attack was captured on camera by onlookers and the singer later claimed that reporters had been continually hassling her son Sindri who was travelling with her. Bjork later apologised to the woman and issued a public statement that cited exhaustion as the reason for the attack. Ms.

Is Björk insane?

The Icelandic singer-songwriter is reportedly still batshit crazy. Sources have confirmed that Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk Guðmundsdóttir, known best as just Björk, is still really weird. Björk began her career as a member of a rock band called The Sugarcubes, but her zany antics could not be confined to a group.

Does Björk drink?

Bjork has admitted that she drinks a litre of vodka every Friday. The singer revealed she has drunk the alcoholic beverage weekly since the age of 15 as it is a tradition of her homeland. “Alcohol is how people in Iceland lose themselves, switch their conscience off and run riot.

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Why does Björk have a Cockney accent?

TIL Björk’s accent sounds so strange because she actually switches between TWO accents: Icelandic-English and Estuary English (similar to British Cockney). Still love her music, though. First song I listened to and really set the tone for my musical tastes when I was 11 was Hyper-Balled.

How old is Björk?

Sindri Eldon and Björk. Credit: Facebook/Getty Images. Björk’s son Sindri Eldon has responded to a resurfaced interview where he claimed to be a better songwriter than his mother.

Does Björk have a child?

She’s still performing. Over the course of her career, Björk has performed worldwide, and in fact you can still catch her on the road if you’re lucky. 2017 alone had her performing in Los Angeles (with a full orchestra) and Japan.

Is Björk a guy?

Musician and producer Björk has spoken candidly about gender and authorship in music, claiming that she initially struggled to get credit for her musical ideas. Over the duration of the emotionally charged interview, Björk cried more than once, and offered up her views on being taken seriously as a female solo artist.

Is Björk a man?

Björk, the teen From lighthearted children’s music, the ever so cool 14-year-old Björk formed an all-girl punk band, called (in English) Spit and Snot. And, the following year she would not only start a new band, this time a Jazz fusion group called Exodus but also graduate from music school.

Where does Björk live?

Björk’s life is spent half in New York and half in Iceland. She is used to this (even in the 90s, when she spent a lot of time in London, she lived in Iceland for half of the year).

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