FAQ: How Long To Railway Market From Bangkok?

How do I get from Bangkok to maeklong railway market?

You can get to the market by taking a train from Bangkok’s Wongwian Yai Station at 6.45am. The Maeklong Railway Line will take you straight through the market. You can disembark at the last station and walk along the train lines for about 5 minutes to reach the local market.

How long is the maeklong railway market?

Spreading over a 100-metre length, the market is located by the railway near Mae Klong Railway Station, Mueng District, Samut Songkhram Province. It is a common fresh market selling seafood, vegetable, fruits, fresh and dried food, meats and other miscellaneous goods.

How to get to Maeklong Railway market by BTS?

If you want to travel to Maeklong by train the journey from Wongwian Yai Railway Station ( this is not far from it’s own BTS station, on the BTS Silom line) takes around 2.5 hours and will cost you less than the bus. You will need to change trains and cross the river by ferry at Mahachai Station (Mahachai Pier).

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Which market has an active train come through every day?

We know that, at least at first glance, many markets in Thailand look the same. But one that definitely stands out is the Maeklong Railway Market. Why? Because it has a train running through the middle of it several times a day.

Which floating market is best in Bangkok?

Top 8 Floating Markets In Bangkok

  1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.
  2. Amphawa Floating Market.
  3. Wat Sai Floating Market.
  4. Bang Nampheung Floating Market.
  5. Bang Phli Floating Market.
  6. Bang Khla Floating Market.
  7. Tha Kha Floating Market.
  8. Taling Chan Floating Market.

Which is the best floating market in Thailand?

6 Best Floating Markets in Thailand

  • ​1.
  • Four Regions Floating Market, Pattaya.
  • The Amphawa Floating Market, Bangkok.
  • Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market, Bangkok.
  • Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, Bangkok.
  • ​Taling Chan Floating Market, Bangkok.
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What is the maeklong railway market also known as?

The railway became famous for its route through the Maeklong Railway Market, nicknamed (Thai: ตลาดร่มหุบ; RTGS: Talat Rom Hup), meaning the “umbrella pulldown market”. It is one of the largest fresh seafood markets in Thailand, and is centred on the Maeklong Railway’s track.

Is Thailand a state?

Thailand (Thai: ประเทศไทย), known formerly as Siam and officially as the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia.

Are there trains in Thailand?

Thailand’s train system connects the four corners of the country and is a scenic, if slow, alternative to buses for the long journey north to Chiang Mai or south to Surat Thani. The 4500km rail network is operated by the State Railway of Thailand and covers four main lines: northern, southern, northeastern and eastern.

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How far is Bangkok to amphawa?

If you’re traveling by land, it’s important to know the distance from Amphawa Floating Market to Bangkok. Your trip will be a total of 58 miles (92 km).

How do I get to the Amphawa Floating Market?

Drive straight to the high bridge and down, turn left into the Ampawan Temple. You can park a car at the temple. Bus: From the southern bus station, take the bus 996 Bangkok–Damnoen Saduak. The bus is air-conditioned and goes through the Samut Songkhram province to get to the Amphawa Floating Market.

How many trains are there in Indian Railways?

Indian Railways is among the world’s largest rail network, and its route length network is spread over 67,956 kms, with 13,169 passenger trains and 8,479 freight trains, plying 23 million travellers and 3 million tonnes (MT) of freight daily from 7,349 stations.

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