FAQ: Where To Destroy Evidence In Bangkok?

How do you remove evidence?

Delete Evidence

  1. Search for the evidence that you want to delete.
  2. For each evidence file that you want to delete, select the check box to the left of the evidence.
  3. Above the search results, click Delete.
  4. Click OK.
  5. If you want to make a comment about the deletion, type it in the box provided.
  6. Click OK.

Where can I get poison in Bangkok?

Although it’s not clear why, but there is a vial full of lethal poison in one of the room’s bathrooms on level 2 (in The Class’s wing) (M6,2). You can add the poison to Jordan Cross’ cake or the treats which Ken Morgan nibbles on in the restaurant.

Where is the security room in Club 27?

Club 27 – Recordings are stored in the security room on the first floor in the closed-off wing.

How do you delete Axon videos?

Removing videos from an Axon camera

  1. Perform the Downloading Axon Videos with Evidence Sync (Offline) procedure in Downloading Evidence.
  2. Click the check box next to the videos you want to delete. Downloaded videos will be described as Downloaded or In folder (Figure 61).
  3. Click Delete Selected.
  4. Click OK (Figure 62).
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Where is rat poison in Marrakesh hitman?

A Gilded Cage – A total of four Rat Poisons can be found within this mission: One in the building behind the Carpet Shops Area. One in the Toilets. One on the Consulate level 2. HITMAN™

  1. Two in the basement of the Ice Cream Shop.
  2. One in the Ice Cream Shop.
  3. One in the Ceramics Shop.

Is the Himmapan hotel real?

Real-Life Information The Himmapan Hotel is a luxury hotel located on the Chao Praya River in Bangkok, Thailand, and the main location for Club 27.

Where is the Katana in Bangkok hitman?

The katana can be found in the room of Heidi Santoro. Her room is the furthest and to the right from the staircases to the top floor. Remember that the katana is a weapon and can only be carried by guards.

Who is NNE Obara?

Adeze Oijofor (also known as “The Warlord” and “Nne Obara”) was the 20th elusive target featured in HITMAN™. She appeared in the mission Club 27 from February 10th, 2017 to February 17th, 2017, and was later reactivated from July 27th, 2018 to August 6th, 2018.

How do you disguise Abel de Silva hitman?

Abel de Silva The easiest way to eliminate Silva is when he goes out on the balcony, because while in the corridor the musician is being watched by a guard. You should then use a coin to lure him into another room with no witnesses around, and once there kill or stun him – whichever you prefer (M6,14).

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How do I wipe my security footage?

Method 2: How to delete security camera footage from DVR/NVR

  1. Connect your DVR/NVR to a monitor.
  2. Log in to the DVR/NVR and go to its Device Settings.
  3. Find the disk management option, and then you can format the hard disk drive to delete all your camera’s video history and snapshots.

How do you destroy camera footage?

Read on to find out seven practical and foolproof ways in which you can destroy a security camera:

  1. Bagging the Camera. All you’ll need for this step is an industrial-grade plastic bag and some glue.
  2. IR Flashlight.
  3. Stick a Tape.
  4. Cutting the Cable.
  5. Painting Gun.
  6. Drop a block.
  7. Disrupt the View.

Where is the letter opener Paris hitman?

He is the one asking about the fireworks remote. There is a letter opener in a room very close to where Aupry leans on the balcony.

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