How To Get To Koh Mak From Bangkok?

How do you get to Koh Mak?

From Trat airport you can take a taxi to Laem Ngop (Krom Luang pier). The taxi costs about 800-1000 Baht and takes 30-40 min. Then take a speedboat to Koh Mak island which is another 50 min trip. Speedboat cost 450 Baht.

How do you get from Koh Kok to Koh Mak?

Speedboat between Koh Kood – Koh Mak Operated by Koh Kut Express Speedboat, 30 passengers, journey time 30 minutes. Ticket price 350 Baht/person – includes transfer from your resort to the boat. Daily departures from Bang Bao pier, Koh Kood at 09.30am & 12.00pm, arrive at Ao Nid pier, Koh Mak.

Is Koh Mak open?

Coronavirus #Covid-19 – October Update. The island is open. Ferries to and from Koh Kood are now running daily.

Is Koh Kood worth visiting?

Koh Kood, which is also often spelled as Koh Kut, is a great island to visit and probably the best in Thailand for lovers of beaches, jungles and waterfalls. Plus the roads are almost deserted, making it an ideal island for exploring by scooter. As with Koh Mak there isn’t a vehicle ferry to the island.

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Is there a car ferry to Koh Mak?

Another option how to travel to Koh Mak is to take a private car or taxi to Trat and ferry from Laem Sok Pier to Koh Mak. Travel by private car+ferry from Bangkok to Koh Mak takes about 6-8 hours and it costs about $160-190, the most expensive option of transfer.

Can you take your car to Koh Kood?

A private transfer to Koh Kood are probably the easiest way to get there from Bangkok. However, unlike Koh Chang, there aren’t any vehicle ferries to either Koh Mak or Koh Kood. So, the transfer will end at one of the mainland piers.

How do I get to Koh Kood from airport?

Flying to Trat Airport for Koh Kood (Laem Sok Pier) Another option for getting to Koh Kood is to fly from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trat Airport and then travel 45 minutes by road to Laem Sok Pier. Bangkok Airways, with 4 flights daily, is the only airline that operates this route.

How do I get to Koh Kood from Trat?

All boats leave from Laem Sok Pier, about 30km out from Trat and 45 minutes from Trat Airport, the Koh Chang Piers and Laem Ngop Pier (Koh Mak). The two express boats are Koh Kood Princess with departure at 12.30, duration 100 minutes, 300bt per person and Koh Kut Express at 13.00, duration 90 minutes, 350bt.

Is Koh Chang expensive?

A vacation to Koh Chang for one week usually costs around ฿9,924 for one person. So, a trip to Koh Chang for two people costs around ฿19,849 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs ฿39,697 in Koh Chang. If you travel slower over a longer period of time then your daily budget will also go down.

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What is Koh Chang popular for?

Some of the most popular activities on Koh Chang are kayaking, jungle trekking and diving and snorkelling. Another highlight is visiting the many waterfalls located throughout the island.

Is Koh Chang touristy?

Koh Chang is quite touristy on the Central West Coast and almost not at all on the Eastside. To put it into some perspective, Koh Chang only began to develop as a tourist destination in the late 1990s. So it is a great deal less developed than islands such as Phuket, Koh Samui, and Koh Phangan.

Why is Koh Chang called Koh Chang?

Koh Chang, which means ‘Elephant Island’ is named after it’s elephant head shape. Koh Chang is one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands with white sand beaches, waterfalls, mangroves and an interior rainforest that has been largely undisturbed due to the mountainous terrain.

Is Koh Chang safe?

Koh Chang is a very safe at night, so long as you use your common sense.

Where is Koh Kood island Thailand?

Ko Kut (also Koh Kood ) is an island in Trat Province in the Gulf of Thailand and the easternmost island before Cambodia. The island is a popular spot for package tourists and families.

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