Often asked: What To Do In Bangkok New Years Eve?

What is there to do in Bangkok on New Years Eve?

The Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve in Bangkok

  • Rooftop restaurant and bars. Rooftop restaurants and bars provide a dining experience like no other, offering a magnificent view of the cityscape.
  • Khao San Road.
  • Dinner Cruise on Chao Phraya River.
  • Asiatique The Riverfront.
  • Central World.
  • King Power Mahanakhon.

Where can I watch fireworks in Bangkok?

The highlight will be a magnificent display of fireworks – The best visibility spots have been identified as follows: ICONSIAM, Sathorn Bridge, Chaloem Phrakiat Park, Sathon Pier, Police Station 2, Khlong San Pier, Sampheng Parking Lot, CAT-Bang Rak Branch, Wat Suwan Pier, Siam Commercial Bank and LHONG 1919.

Is Thailand good for New Years Eve?

Thailand’s northern capital has always been a hotspot for festivals and holidays, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. For one, New Year’s Eve celebrations are oftentimes rowdy and can get out of hand, especially in a big city like Bangkok.

Where can I watch New Years Eve fireworks in Bangkok?

10 Amazing Spots to Watch the Fireworks on New Year’s Eve this 2020

  • Masked-Parade Gala Night at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok.
  • First-Class Fireworks at Peninsula.
  • Capella Bangkok.
  • Saffron Cruise by Banyan Tree.
  • Lebua – The World’s First Vertical Destination.
  • Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel.
  • King Power Mahanakhon.
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How does Thailand celebrate New Year’s Eve?

Visiting temples: A huge number of Thais also visit temple during the evening or night time to mark the changing of the year with good luck and prosperity. Making merit and giving alms to monks are common. It’s the Thai spiritual way to begin the new year with peace of mind.

Do Thailand celebrate Christmas?

As only a small percentage of the Thai population are Christian, Christmas isn’t an official holiday in Thailand. Over 90% of the Thai population are Buddhist. With Buddhism being very accepting, Christian festivals like Christmas can also be enjoyed by Buddhists in Thailand.

How many new years are there in Thailand?

So in Thailand the year is 2019 and also 2562. And yes, there are three New Year’s celebrations every year, and if you are confused about what date it is on which calendar, don’t worry about it and just join the party!

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