Question: How Far Apart Are Hong Kong And Bangkok?

Is Thailand close to Hong Kong?

The distance between Thailand and Hong Kong is 1628 km.

Is there a train from Hong Kong to Bangkok?

It is not only possible but also highly enjoyable to travel from Hong Kong to Bangkok almost exclusively by train. If Bangkok sounds like a long way, a shorter option is to travel by train between Hong Kong and Hanoi, which is a relatively simple trip.

Can you drive from Bangkok to Hong Kong?

Can I drive from Bangkok to Hong Kong? Yes, the driving distance between Bangkok to Hong Kong is 2335 km. It takes approximately 30h 48m to drive from Bangkok to Hong Kong.

How many hours is Thailand from Hong Kong?

Flying time from Hong Kong to Thailand The total flight duration from Hong Kong to Thailand is 2 hours, 37 minutes.

What should I avoid in Thailand?

1. Places for backpackers to stay

  • Avoid: Khao San Road.
  • Instead: Sukhumvit and Siam Square are popular and convenient alternatives.
  • Avoid: Bargaining a flat rate with a taxi driver.
  • Instead: Insist on using the meter – it’s illegal for taxi drivers to refuse.
  • Avoid: Ping Pong Shows.
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Can you travel from Hong Kong to Thailand?

As a Hong Kong citizen, do I need a visa to travel to Thailand? Based on the visa requirements for Hongkongers citizens, you are free to visit Thailand without a visa. However, as a consequence of the coronavirus, the Government of Thailand is now requesting all travelers to obtain the Health Declaration (T. 8 Form).

How long is bullet train from Hong Kong to Beijing?

The Hong Kong high-speed rail link opened on 23 September 2018, and it’s now possible to travel between Hong Kong & Beijing in a single day. A daily bullet-nosed Fuxing train covers the 2,441 km or 1,516 miles in a remarkable 8h56 – that’s an end-to-end average of 168 mph including 6 station stops.

What is fastest train in the world?

The World’s Fastest Trains. The current world speed record for a commercial train on steel wheels is held by the French TGV at 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph), achieved on 3 April 2007 on the new LGV Est. The trainset, the track and the cantenary were modified to test new designs.

Is Bangkok near Hong Kong?

Distance from Bangkok to Hong-Kong The shortest distance (air line) between Bangkok and Hong-Kong is 1,076.45 mi (1,732.37 km).

Can I drive from Hong Kong to China?

It is possible to drive yourself from Hong Kong to mainland China, although driving is not recommended as it comes with a few challenges including switching between sides of the road to drive on (China and Hong Kong drivers use opposite sides of the road) and trying to read the nearly-useless road signs.

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Is Thailand near Singapore?

Distance from Singapore to Thailand is 1,635 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 1,016 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Singapore and Thailand is 1,635 km= 1,016 miles.

How long is the flight from Hong Kong to Vietnam?

Average direct flight time is 2 hours 7 minutes. The fastest direct flight from Hong Kong to Vietnam is 2 hours 7 minutes.

How far is Thailand from Hong Kong?

The distance between Hong Kong and Thailand is 1628 km. The road distance is 2345.4 km.

How long is the flight from Singapore to Thailand?

Flight time from Singapore to Bangkok is 2 hours 15 minutes.

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