Question: Where Is The Hatchet In Bangkok Hitman?

Where can I find poison hitman in Bangkok?

Although it’s not clear why, but there is a vial full of lethal poison in one of the room’s bathrooms on level 2 (in The Class’s wing) (M6,2). You can add the poison to Jordan Cross’ cake or the treats which Ken Morgan nibbles on in the restaurant.

Where is the screwdriver in Hitman Bangkok?

You’re going to need both items, so make sure you have them before continuing above ground. The Wrench can be grabbed from the mechanic’s toolbox in the laundry area, and the screwdriver is on a shelf in the basement’s storage area.

Where can I buy poison Club 27?

Club 27 – A total of four Rat Poisons can be found within this mission:

  • One under shelves in the south hallway of the basement.
  • One near the basement exit.
  • One near the pesticide truck.
  • One in the Laundry Room.

Is the Himmapan hotel real?

Real-Life Information The Himmapan Hotel is a luxury hotel located on the Chao Praya River in Bangkok, Thailand, and the main location for Club 27.

How do you disguise Abel de Silva hitman?

Abel de Silva The easiest way to eliminate Silva is when he goes out on the balcony, because while in the corridor the musician is being watched by a guard. You should then use a coin to lure him into another room with no witnesses around, and once there kill or stun him – whichever you prefer (M6,14).

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Where is the security room in Club 27?

Club 27 – Recordings are stored in the security room on the first floor in the closed-off wing.

How do you get the cross to kill Morgan?

Approach Ken Morgan and ask him to escort him to his room, take him to stand under the coconut then wait for Cross to see him. When Cross approach Morgan, go to the safe place then shoot the coconuts on the tree to let them drop on both Cross and Morgan.

Where is Rat Poison in hitman training?

Go through the back left door of the cargo hold, just to the left of the stairs that lead to Deck 01 (you’re on Deck 00 right now). In this room you will find the Rat Poison that you need.

Where is Rat Poison in Sapienza?

Rat poison To be found in the kitchen (M4,5), buildings close to the mansion (M4,7), (M4,3) and in the coffee shop. (M4,13). You can add it to the drinks of NPCs to make them go to the toilet.

Where is the Rat Poison in Hitman Marrakesh?

You can use it to poison Zaydan’s meal. Looking at it is required to kill both targets with the turret. You can find it behind the store counter or in Zaydan’s office.

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