Quick Answer: How To Book Hostels For Bangkok?

Can you just turn up at hostels?

If you turn up at a hostel and they’ve have availability you can generally bargain with the owners for a lower price than is advertised online. There are some fantastic hostels that don’t list themselves online but are cheaper, quieter and much more enjoyable than the alternatives.

Can I bring a girl to my hotel room Bangkok?

Bringing girls to the hotel will not be a problem, but they might have to leave an ID at the reception for security.

Is hostel cheaper than hotel?

1. They Are Cheap: You can rent a bed in a hostel in the heart of Paris for $25 a night, whereas a hotel room next door can easily cost upwards of $150. In many places, hostels are even cheaper than $25 a night and have just as good of ratings as a more expensive one in a bigger city.

Does Thailand have hostels?

Hostelworld has more than a thousand registered hostels in Thailand, distributed in 49 cities, and around 225k reviews. We have a whole article for the best hostels in Bangkok, so take a look when planning your stay in the capital.

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Do hostels have curfews?

While most hostels don’t have any age restrictions, there may be some hostels that are unsuitable for young children or guests with disabilities.

Do hostels have age limits?

Hostels are open to everyone. However, minimum age limits may apply for children in some places – please check the You should know section on the Preview tab of the hostel page or with the hostel directly. There should be no upper age limit to stay at a hostel.

How much do you pay for a girl in Pattaya?

Pattaya bar girl prices 2020. 1500-3000 for the whole night (LT), 1500+ for short time (ST) up to two hours, bar fines: 400-500+; Pattaya go go girl prices 2000-4000 LT, 2000+ ST, bar fines 800-2000; freelancers 1000-1500 ST, 1500-2000LT.

What does guest friendly hotel mean?

Guest friendly hotels allow you to bring and overnight visitor to your room at no extra cost to you. They are sometime call “ girl friendly ” or “no joiner fee” hotels.

Is Nana hotel guest friendly?

One of the best low-cost hotels on Soi 4. The Ibis Bangkok Nana Hotel is a Guest Friendly Hotel: Guests can join free of charge, but may need to leave their ID card at the reception.

What is similar to a hostel?

Synonyms of hostel

  • auberge,
  • caravansary.
  • (or caravanserai),
  • hospice,
  • hostelry,
  • hotel,
  • inn,
  • lodge,

How much does it cost to stay in a hostel?

For lone travellers, on the other hand, a “single room” is usually a double at a slightly reduced rate at best. A dorm bed in a hostel usually costs $20–35 per night, but standards of cleanliness and security can be low, and for groups of two or more the saving compared to a motel is often minimal.

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Why are hostels cheaper?

4) Hostels tend to run much cheaper. Because you usually share a room with other travelers and they are geared towards younger travelers, hostels are almost always much more cost-effective than hotels, especially if no loyalty points are involved or you’re only staying for a night or two.

Where in Thailand is Phuket?

Phuket province is located in southern Thailand. It is the biggest Island of Thailand and sits on the Andaman sea. The nearest province to the north is Phang-nga and the nearest provinces to the east are Phang-nga and Krabi.

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