Readers ask: How Much Are Tailored Suits Bangkok?

How much does it cost to tailor a suit in Bangkok?

With prices starting at 9,500 baht for a tailored suit and 1,500 baht for a premium cotton shirt, it is clear Universal Tailors offers incredible value for money and during almost 30 years of business – delivering consistently high quality, bespoke tailoring.

How much does a tailored suit cost in Thailand?

I estimate the cost of a well-made suit by a Thai tailor now (2013) at 8000-12000 baht, mainly dependent on the quality of the material and a bit on you ability to bargain. As for the bargaining: if you want to go too far, you will get less quality of work.

How much should a tailored suit cost?

The price of a custom suit can range from $800 to about $1,800, while bespoke suits start at $2,800 and go up to $4,800.

How much for hand made suit?

A bespoke suit costs from £3,500, and is delivered between 6 to 8 weeks.

Is it worth getting a suit tailored?

The simple answer is, you have to go for a tailor made suit! Yes, you can argue that I do just fine with my altered off-the-rack suit. There is nothing like a well tailor made Suit that is truly hand crafted to your unique body style and size.

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How much does a full suit cost?

A solid price point for the first suit should be around $500, give or take a little. There are plenty of options around and below that amount, but avoid very inexpensive suits, as they are often poor quality and will look cheap.

What are cheap suits made of?

Quality suits have linings made out of sometimes viscose which is less expensive. A higher-end option would be silk, sometimes you also see cotton, but very cheap suits have polyester lining or blends with polyester.

What should I buy from Bangkok?

What to Buy in Bangkok – List of the Best Souvenirs

  1. Thai Silk.
  2. Spa and Aroma Products.
  3. Thai Antiques in Bangkok.
  4. Thai Food.
  5. Benjarong Porcelain Ware.
  6. NaRaYa Bags.
  7. Thai Coconut Oil Products.
  8. Medicines and Healers.

What’s the most expensive suit?

Top 10 most expensive suits in the world

  • William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke suit – US$58,252.
  • Kiton K50 suit – US$50,000.
  • Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke Suit – US$47,500.
  • Brioni Vanquish II Suit – US$43,000.
  • World Wood Record Challenge Cup Suits by Loro Piana – US$28,000.
  • Ermenegildo Zegna bespoke suit – US$22,000-$28,000.

Where can I get a free suit size?

Most tailors will do it for you for free especially if you tell them you plan to use them for any alterations later. Yeah, go to a fashion college they’ll measure you up for free.

Why are suits so expensive?

Fabrics can be expensive. This would include the wool ranging from Super 80s to 150s and choosing between silk or polyester linings. Some suits are bespoke. This means it takes longer to manufacture the suit and more physical labour by hand is required.

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How much is a Huntsman suit?

While a bespoke suit from Huntsman starts at $8,000, a ready-to-wear iteration in “Gregory Peck Tweed,” for instance, will still cost at least $4,000. Anthony and Zack Peck, respectively the son and grandson of Gregory Peck who had his suits made exclusively by Huntsman, attended the dinner.

Who is the best tailor in the world?

5 Best Tailors of Savile Row, The World’s Most Famous Suiting Street

  • Henry Poole & Co.—No. 15 Savile Row.
  • Gieves & Hawkes—No. 1 Savile Row.
  • Chittleborough & Morgan—No. 12 Savile Row.
  • Richard James—No. 29 Savile Row.
  • Cad & The Dandy—No. 13 Savile Row.

Are Savile Row suits good?

The advent of e-tailoring services may have driven the occasional man online, but there’s absolutely no doubt that Savile Row suiting is still the best in the world bar none. Like anything in life, it’s advised to go prepared, giving your tailors an even better chance to ensure you leave both satisfied and stylish.

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