Readers ask: Where To Buy A Sim Card In Bangkok?

How much does a SIM card cost in Thailand?

The SIM card cost 50 baht (~$1.50), and for 427 baht including tax (~$13), I received 3GB of LTE data valid for a month, plus access to the high-speed AIS SUPER WI-FI network.

Can I buy Thai SIM card online?

You can buy a SIM card there and the staff will help you to set up your phone. However, if you want to get the best deal for Thai phone number, book your Thailand SIM card online and get it right at the airport.

Can you buy SIM cards in shops?

You can buy sim cards almost anywhere in UK, from supermarkets to corner shops etc. Just make sure you have an unlocked mobile with you. Our main phone shops in UK are Carphonewarehouse, Vodaphone, Orange plus others.

Will my cell phone work in Thailand?

It is very easy to get a SIM card for your cell phone in Thailand. Really all you need to do before you arrive in Thailand is make sure that your phone is unlocked (able to work outside of the network you are currently using) and operates on the GSM network.

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How do I get Internet in Thailand?

To get Internet in Thailand you have basically 3 options:

  1. With a Wi-Fi (or cable) Connection: Your hotel, restaurant or café may provide you with a Wi-Fi connection (or a cable connection).
  2. With a Local Sim of one of the cell phone Networks.
  3. With the Sim Card of your country.

How do I top up my Thai SIM card?

Top up Thailand

  1. Fill in the mobile phone number you want to Top up.
  2. Choose an amount you want to recharge.
  3. Decide how you want to pay: credit card (Visa, MasterCard), direct banking or Paysafecard.
  4. Within seconds your chosen mobile phone in Thailand will be recharged and ready to use.

Which mobile network is best in Thailand?

AIS secured the first place in the 4G availability with a remarkable score of 94.9%, followed by dtac and TrueMove H with 92.3% and 91.6% respectively. dtac jumps into the lead in download speed experience.

How do I register my AIS SIM card?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get your SIM2Fly SIM card at any AIS store in Thailand or online.
  2. Register your SIM with your national ID or passport. To check registration status of your SIM card, dial *161#
  3. Start using your SIM card within 60 days of activation.

Can I buy a SIM card at Morrisons?

But they do not seem to be national yet, however it won’t be long before they are in every Morrisons store up and down the country, you will be able to buy a Giffgaff SIM card at any Morrisons superstore.

Can I buy a SIM card at post office?

You can order the Post Office Mobile SIM for free online or pick one up in selected branches (find your nearest one here). Standard rates on calls to both landlines and mobiles will be 8p a minute, while each text and MB of data will cost 10p.

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Can I use Whatsapp in Thailand?

As long you are connected to the internet you can use Whatsapp regardless where you are. So you may use wifi connection on most places in Thailand or buy SIM card to your phone.

Is there free WiFi in Bangkok airport?

Free WiFi is available at Suvarnabhumi Airport for up to 2 hours per day. Internet access is also available 24 hours a day at the CAT Telecom Internet Cafes.

Is there free WiFi in Thailand?

Thailand has fast and reliable WiFi coverage provided by three of the biggest mobile networks in Thailand – AIS, True Move and DTAC. WiFi in Thailand is available in most public spaces. Public wifi in Thailand is for free.

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