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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangkok

Finding the best vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok can be a challenging and complicated choice. In a city that offers some most of the most fantastic seafood, chicken, and pork dishes – what and where is a vegetarian to eat?

Dosa King

100% pure Indian vegetarian cuisine. Although many Indian restaurants in Bangkok offer a vegetarian alternative to their dishes, Dosa King goes all the way and eliminates the need to even ask for a vegetarian option! No to leave the vegans behind, there is also an impressive selection of vegan meals too. This hidden gem is conveniently located on the famous Sukumvit 11 so you can satisfy your cravings before heading down to one of the many bars and clubs on this party street.

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Govinda Italian Restaurant

Italian AND vegetarian food? You betcha!
This upscale resto has dishes that both vegetarian and vegan-friendly. With everything from eggless pasta and soy cheese, to meat-like substitutes (not hotdogs) for your carnivorous friends, this place is a real find for those missing the taste of authentic Italian cuisine.

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Na Aroon

Voted one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok, Na Aroon is a very popular spot with foreigners and locals alike. The dishes here reflect a very western-style focus on organic ingredients and clean eating. With a wide menu selection of Thai and foreign dishes, delicious imitation meat, and filling vegetable dishes, this restaurant is a safe and tasty bet.

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Khun Churn

For the Bangkokians missing a taste of northeastern Thai cuisine, this family-run restaurant from Chiang Mai provides a welcome change from the usual vegetarian fare. Special appreciation is given for their endeavor to include healthy meat alternatives such as tofu and mushrooms rather than the usual imitation meat products. The result is mouth-watering, exceptional dishes that feel truly vegetarian.

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The Rice & Healthy Food

This hidden gem offers fantastic fresh ingredients, amazing flavor, and excellent service. It’s also a great place to hit up if you’re missing a taste of home as they regularly import vegetarian fruits and snacks from other countries. If you’re looking for a great place to sit, relax, and enjoy a healthy meal – this is your place.

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The whole vegetarian concept, although quite absurd to Thais, is slowly catching on and many local restaurants now include a handful of vegetarian options on the menu (hidden at the back of course). But we understand that even vegetarians get tired of eating veggies, which is why we compiled this list to include a variety of cuisines and choices to keep your green palettes excited. Why not stop by one of these restaurants next time you’re feeling the need for a change?

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