Unblocking Websites in Thailand

You may have noticed that you aren’t able to access some of your favorite websites or web services from Thailand. If you want to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, or your favorite sports channels again, we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

By using a VPN, you can create a virtual tunnel which makes it seem as if you are accessing the site or service from another location. Even if you are sitting in a coffee shop in Bangkok, it will appear to the service provider that you are in California, London, or virtually any other place in the world.

Depending on your needs, there are different methods which vary in price and complexity. I will describe 3 possible solutions and leave it to you to decide which option you prefer.

Option 1 – Google Chrome Extension

If you are familiar with the Google Chrome web browser, you are also likely aware that you can install extensions on Chrome to customize your browsing experience. Lucky for you, some developers have created extensions which allow you to access your websites with just a single click.

Simply install a VPN extension and select the geo-location you prefer in the settings menu. You’ll then be able to access any website that is available in the respective region.

Since these Chrome extensions are all free, they may include ad bars which will reduce the viewing area of the browser. Activating a VPN extension will also slow down your connection speed because the data must travel a longer distance. Additionally, the speed you receive from the free services will not reach the speed of the paid options.

Recommended Plugins:

Option 2 – Paid VPN Service

If you’re looking for faster service or more location choices, you may want to step up to a dedicated VPN service. In most cases, you will only need to install a program to your computer and turn the service on or off as needed.

The main benefits of paid services are faster speeds and advanced customisation. This includes encryption for anonymity, more location choices, and customer support. Speed is increased because you are granted access to virtual servers which are closer to your actual location. For example, you can connect to virtual U.S. or U.K. servers which are physically located in Singapore. Accessing these servers make it look like you’re in the virtual location, but the distance your connection must travel is decreased – thus increasing your speed.

Another great feature is the ability to use the service on your mobile devices. Simply install the app on your phone or tablet and you can have the same VPN access and anonymity while you’re on-the-go.

Prices vary depending on the number of months you subscribe, but the average price is 300 baht / month or 2,500 baht / year. If you enjoy flexibility, a paid service is well worth the asking price.

Recommended VPN Services:

Option 3 – Paid VPN Service + VPN Router

If you have a media device like a Roku, there isn’t an option to log in credentials for your paid VPN service. Remember that your computer/phone/tablet require applications to access the VPN network, but applications don’t exist for every electronic device. Don’t fear, there’s a way around this.

Instead of creating a VPN connection on each of your devices, you can move the VPN one step closer to the source – your wireless router. Since routers have operating systems, just like computers, you can input VPN information in the router’s settings so any device on your home network can access the VPN automatically. It takes some time to set up, but it’s the ultimate “set it and forget it” solution.

It’s unlikely that the free router offered by your internet service provider (True / 3BB / TOT) is VPN-compatible. However, a VPN-compatible router can be purchased at nearly any computer shop. VPN routers tend to be more expensive, but if you’re up for some tinkering, you can turn a budget router into a VPN router by installing new firmware (Tomato or dd-wrt). Tomato and dd-wrt are basically 3rd party operating systems for routers which provide access to advanced features.

Coming Soon – How to Set Up a Cheap VPN Router in Bangkok

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